Silverlight xaml pages, whats the best way to use pages

Im very new to Silverlight and i have created a small questionnaire that simply loads a page up with a question then once answered the user clicks next and it asks another question and so on and so on, i have used 5 xaml user control pages for this and works fine however i find adding pages time consuming and im concerened i may end up with loads of pages, whats the best method of practice when using xaml pages, is there a way of maybe using just one page that loads up the first question with buttons then when the user clicks next instead of it loading another page it uses the same page but show different question and associated buttons? I have attached a screenshot that gives an idea of how many pages i currently have and i think i may need another 4 more pages!! You may think why dont i put all the questions on one page well i could but i do not want to clutter the page and want it to be used with a touchscreen. I any ideas would be helpful
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apeterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think you should have a Master page Kind, with buttons below, in one portion you should load your question one by one.

You should have a collection which will load all the questions details from which you assign one Question by another to a source which has "OneWay" or "TwoWay" binding to the Question Portion in the above page. So when when just change the source the UI is reflected automatically.

If you have different kind of question(Fill In, Multiple choices etc) in each page, the question portion should be intelligent enough to render controls dynamically based of question type

Hope this helps.
wilko100Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply. Thats what i thought but my lack of experience i was not sure if there was this method. Would you know of any good examples of using a 'master' page?
wilko100Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply. You confirmed this was possible by using a master page. I have found some good examples of this
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