how i can stop security alert for SSL VPN by cisco firewall?


i have a cisco fire wall , and i am using SSL VPN through it, is there away that i can stop the security alerts which appears to my users when they connect through Cisco anyconnect client?

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Jordie77Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I think you will need to purchase a certificate for your Cisco device. That way your device will be marked as save and no warnings will appear in your browser.
EidMajdiAuthor Commented:

Thanks for replying, but do you thin the certificate can be installed on the cisco device its self?
I think this is possible in most cases. The default scenario is that an appliance usually uses a self-signed certificate which is not regonised as "safe" by your browser.
You need to create a CSR request file from your device and create a certificate from that.
This can be done by a company who sells these kind of certificates.
Most of the times there are also how-to's available for your device or a simular device.
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