VB6, Crystal Reports 8.5, can't connect to password protected database

i have got a access database 2003 and it is password protected i  jsut like to  know a simple example to  use crystal report viewer 8.5 for that  database simple example would be help  fill i  am  not a expert program of vb6.0 and example will  be preferred in VB6.0 thanks would be looking forward for your reply cheers
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Here is a sample

Choose product - Crystal reports
Choose version - 8
Choose type - Sample
Look for ( it is about the 99th one listed)
RDC Sample app in VB - Setting DB password and location

Can you connect to an open Access 2003 database?

I know there were issues connecting CR8 to Access 2000 and a new database driver was required.  It may be the same for Access 2003

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