SMTP and IIS in Windows 7

Hi there,

I have recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit) on my company laptop. I love it, however there are a few things that i need which i cannot seem to suss out.

1.  I cannot seem to connect to IIS as it complains about not having any SMTP service installed

2.  I do not have an SMTP Service installed

I am aware that SMTP does not come with Windows 7, but can someone provide me with a good third party tool which i can use to allow my applicaiton and reporting tools to send emails, using .net mail and classic CDO

Thanks for reading

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Springy555Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Do this locally on the server:

Open up a cmd prompt window and type:

telnet localhost 25
mail from:
rcpt to:

This will manually use the smtp service to send an email.  You need to be careful with the typing as a backspace wont correct any typos.  If your email isn't working, this is where you can spot the error message...
hMailServer is a great free smtp server.

Or another free smtp service:

Can you not get into IIS Manager at all?  If not, try downloading and installing IIS7 Manager:
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aprestoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your replies.
Using Rovastar's suggestion i have IIS 7 installed, and i have set up SMTP Email apparently. Am i going to have to change all of my applications now to work with this SMTP service. Before i just specified localhost and away they went.
Am i going to have to change my code now too?
HMailServer i tried but its a massive overkill for what i need it for. I just need to send out sales reports and error notifications when apps fault. thats it!
SMTP is not included in Windows 7.
It wasn't  included with Windows Vista, either.
You'll have to download and install a free third-party SMTP server.

You can also use Google's as a free relay, however you need to have a Google account.
example :

Just make sure the ports are setup as defined for your account.
aprestoAuthor Commented:
senad thank you for your reply, but had you read the question you will see that i am already aware of most of the comments in your post.
If i use google as a relay and use their smtp server, would i need to set the login credentials as my google login details? Also, will it show the sender as my gmail address?
Just use this one:

Its lightweight and designed to be run on a users laptop.  Connections to it using classic CDO should work just fine.  I'm sure it will be the same for .net mail, as its a typical smtp service running locally.
aprestoAuthor Commented:
Hi Springy555
thank you for your reply. I have downloaded and installed FreeSMTP, but how do i use it, i think i have configured it correctly, but when i run my applications it still does not send mail. Do i have to do anything special to get this to work. I would prefer not to have to change my code as i have alot of applications that send mail
Thanks again
Thank you spring I need it for old asp pages using cdonts (i already installed the dll)
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