Multiple SSIDs not working on Cisco 1121 AP

I am trying to setup some 1121G autonomous access points to broadcast a couple of SSIDs - Each SSID is in its own VLAN and this is all working fine when I am not using multiple BSSID.

I have got to the stage where I can see all 3 SSIDs being broadcast but I cannot connect to any of them.  One SSID is totally open, one is using EAP and the other is WPA/PSK.
Any ideas of why this may be happening as I am totally clueless now..  revert back to broadcasting a single SSID and all three SSIDs work again.

I can post the config if that would help.

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MostlyConfusedAuthor Commented:
I continued to battle with this problem and tried setting it up without anything in the Network ID field in the GUI.  Point 6 on that guide I linked clearly states that you must "Enter a Network ID for the SSID in the Network ID field. " 

Anyway, I left this blank on all SSIDs and this has now made things start to work...

No idea why, anyone who knows please explain as it goes against the Cisco documentation!!

Problem solved I guess.   Thanks for your time anyway sarangk_14
MostlyConfusedAuthor Commented:
Sorry - note that when I mention at the end of my first post about when broadcasting one SSID it works ok, I mean when multiple BSSID is disabled and just broadcasting one of the three SSIDs and hiding the other two.
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MostlyConfusedAuthor Commented:

Thanks - the VLAN configuration is fine and clients connect perfectly, (getting correct subnet ip address from DHCP depending on the SSID they are connected to) but this only works if Mulitple BSSID is not enabled.

I also followed this short guide also:
Well, That should make things work.

Sorry, but I have nothing more to add at the moment.

MostlyConfusedAuthor Commented:
Have found out that the Network ID field is to do with WLSM and the 6500 switch - just incase this helps anyone for future reference.
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