Receipt and Sending of old emails and NDR's after a reboot

Hello All,

I rebooted my Exchange 2003 server this morning and then received a number of complaints as staff were both sending and receiving emails and NDR's dated from July last year. Upon investigation it also appears that some of these emails/NDR's had already been received yet some had not.

In the end I had to go into the Queues Section of Exchange and delete all the NDR's as there were over 600 still to be processed.

It is a fairly simple set up, we have an Direct SMTP connection that does not go through Messagelabs (or similar) and no secondary route (that I am aware of).

Any ideas why the reboot caused this influx of messages and why they did not come through/Go out in the first place.


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chamberspAuthor Commented:
Much appreciated Narayan. I shall apply this and see if it solves the problem.
Good luck
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