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How i Can make Inter routing VLAN On Cisco switch 4510 R-L ( layer 3 Switch )

HI all ,

this question to Cisco experts , i need your help ASAP

I have cisco switch 4510R-L (Layer 3 Switch) it has 3 VLANs  
These VLAN  
-      VLAN 2 : IP address / 16
-      VLAN 5 :IP address / 16
-      VLAN 6 :IP address
VLAN 2 (Domain):
There are PCs and Kaspersky server, DHCP
DHCP: give IPs to Pcs from its VLAN
Kaspersky Server:
IP address: / 16
Default Gateway: (Firewall)
VLAN 5 (internet):
There is Pcs and ADSL Router (billion), this Router work as DHCP Server to give IPs to Pcs on its VLAN 5
Router connected to Cisco Switch 4510 (switch port mode access VLAN 5)
Router IP address:
Network ID: 172.16.1.X / 16

VLAN 6 (  Hyam ) :
There is Pcs only (No internet connection, no DHCP server), there is static IPs to PCs as a follow:
PC (A): / 16
PC (B): / 16
PC (C):
Default Gateway to All Pcs (IP interface VLAN

What I Need :
-      I need all Pcs in VLAN 6 to communicate with each other
-      I need All Pcs In VLAN 6 To reach only Kaspersky server to get update
-      I need Pc ( A ) to get  internet from ADSL Router

I make configuration on Cisco switch (Running Configuration attached)
And I make IP routing Command I notice that
PC ( A ) on VLAN 6 ( ping interface VLAN 6 and ping Interface VLAN 5 but cannot Ping the ADSL route &..

Plz I Need your Help ASAP
6 Solutions
you can just run command "IP ROUTING"
config t
x(config)#IP ROUTING

you can also run protocol like RIPv2,EIGRP,OSPF it all depends on what you want achive. Any device that attched to same VLAN will comunnicate VIA Layer 2, IP Routing command will enable Layer 3 communication and to go out to internet please user default rout if its just very simple network. this design is for FLAT network.
Muhammed-RummanehAuthor Commented:
NO , your solution still not working
Muhammed-RummanehAuthor Commented:

tThanks  dear,

i make ( IP Routing Command ) , and this command make routing between All  VLANs , but still there is problem and i need your explain Please :

can i specify which VLANs to be routed example ( I have 4 VLANs and IP routing Command make routing between all VLANs and i need to make routing between 2 vlans only and let other VLANs without routing.


What does it mean to be "Always On"?

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First, some observations;

Why are you using /16s, you should use /24s unless you need 65K host on each subnet
Why have you redefined your broadcast address to a non standard broadcast address?
Why have you turned off CEF on vlan SVI?


Remove the ip broadcast address statements use the defaults
Enable CEF on VLAN 6 interface by removing the no ip route ..... commands
Reallocate your IP addresses using /24s

harbor235 ;}
Jan SpringerCommented:
I'm not familiar with that switch model.

# sh sdm prefer

If this is a valid command:

#sdm prefer routing

And requires a reboot.
Jody LemoineNetwork ArchitectCommented:
The suggestions from harbor235 will cover all of your inter-VLAN routing.  If you want to be able to use the ADSL router that is currently connected to to be able to provide routing for the other VLANs, you'll need to add appropriate routing to the switch...

ip route

...and to the router...

ip route
ip route
ip route

...in order to provide a path out to the Internet and back.
Alan Huseyin KayahanCommented:
"i make ( IP Routing Command ) , and this command make routing between All  VLANs "
     Routing can not be enabled per interface. It is a global command. As long as you have SVIs (Switch virtual interface) configured to become the default gateway for VLANs, they will be connected routes for switch, which means that you can not remove the route with any command.

"PC ( A ) on VLAN 6 ( ping interface VLAN 6 and ping Interface VLAN 5 but cannot Ping the ADSL route &.."
   You can not, because a route for the return traffic is not added in billion router. Either enable rip in both switch and billion, or add the following static route to
     in BILLON ROUTER!!!

"i need to make routing between 2 vlans only and let other VLANs without routing"
   As stated above, you can not enable routing per interface. Prevent the unwanted VLAN traffic by using Access-lists.
Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
#ip routing

to turn on routing

then go in to each of the VLAn and set an ip address

is int valn 1 ip addess x.x.x.x
int vlan 2 ip address x.x.x.x

then uses these IP address as the DFGW for the devices in the VANS

lastly set a ip route of Address/interface

and then like MrHusy said simply enable and disable traffic with access lists.

the core switch will only route a vlan traffic if it can see it at layer 3.
Muhammed-RummanehAuthor Commented:

Please i need more help of yu
Muhammed-RummanehAuthor Commented:

Thanks All

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