Does PHP run faster with FastCGI than Plain CGI?

I need to setup PHP to run on the YAWS server.

I can do this using plain CGI or I can use FastCGI.

Would FastCGI likely run faster?  What should I consider before selecting FastCGI?
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arober11Connect With a Mentor Commented:
FastCGI scripts are memory resident, just interpreted once, so saves a few ms here and there, along with reducing the memory requirements. Only thing to watch is you initialise all variables yourself, as data persists between sessions.

As to wheter to go down that route:
If your using existing scripts probably easier to stick to plain php, saves tweaking you code, may be cheaper to buy new hardware / bandwidth.
Have you an existing performance issue your trying to solve?
Have you load tested e..g Jmeter'ed your existing server and the maximum throughput is less the you predicted volumes, without fastCGI?
Have you worked out / know what traffic volumnes your expecting?
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