Service Manual for Fujitsu L1010 needed

1) I need a service manual for Fujitsu L1010.
I want to open the laptop and look at the fan.

2) The laptop is able to boot and display for a while. ( abt 5 minutes for the first time)
But it gets crazy after a while. An immeidate, subsequent boot it gets worst off.

Ran knoppix still same issue.
I have reset the memory, changed the  memory stick,
still same issue.

I reckon the problem could be due to heating as I fee the base of computer
is heated. Also notice the note book has a filter at the side but its only a plastic
cage to deflect air.  

Any one with any suggestions.
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asiduAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, the link dont have manual for L1010.

Return the laptop to Fujitsu service centre to have a look at it.
I will know the result in a few days.
look at this page and search page for: L1010,repair,manuals
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
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