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Backup Exec 12.5 Config & Licensing

This is a question regarding Agents, Licensing, and configuration.
I have a clustered file server. A management server running Backup Exec12.5 and a replication server running Replication Exec.
All servers are attached to a FC SAN Storage provided by an HP EVA4400.
All connections to the storage ar FC through 2 x Brocade FC Switches.
Cluster nodes are running 2008 Storage server.
Management server is running 2003 64bit
Backup is to MSL8096 Tape Library using backup Exec on the Management Server.
The tape library is FC attached.
Backup Exec is connected into a central CASO server.
**See Picture**

What is the best way to backup the cluster nodes (ie over the fibre channel storage).
What licenses do I need on which servers.
What agents do I need to install on which servers.

I would rather not add any clustered services if possible
The replication server is not really part of this issue, it just uses the storage.

Thanks, questions and suggestions welcome.
I have asked our hardware supplier, but they are good at sales...... need I say more!

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Iamthecreator OMAdministrateur Systeme et ReseauxCommented:
You mentioned that you have CASO ,that would imply that you have BEWS on more than one server.
You can tackle this in multiple ways depending on your requirements

If you have BEWS installed on 1 server then,
You would need 1 BEWS License
RAWS license for all remote windows servers being backed up
If you want to backup applications servers eg Exchage ,SQL,SPS , you would need respective agent license
all Agent licenses will come with RAWS hence you would not need a RAWS license for application servers
If you install more BEWS servers  then you would need MMS licenses (Managed Media Server)
1 CASO license
1 SAN-SSO license for sharing the library in the SAN
fattyhAuthor Commented:
we have 2 CASO servers. One for 10D installations, and one running the 12.5 servers.
We are using Backup Exec on approximately 50 sites.
We already have the CASOs installed and licensed.
This is the only site using shared FC storage with an integrated tape library.
We have Exchang and SQL App Agents running on other sites.
I want to achieve the most cost effective solution backing up using the Fibre channel, rather than the network connection.

The confusion started when we queried this site's requirements with Symantec through our hardware provider. We were informed that we needed 2xBEWS license for each cluster node (one for each tape drive). And to cluster the BEX service. I thought this was unreasonable.

If you want to be sure the backup of the cluster resources will always take the fiber path, and never go across the network, you do need to cluster Backup Exec. Your hardware provider was completely correct if you gave them the requirement to back up over fiber.
In that case you will need a full Backup Exec for Windows Servers license for both cluster nodes, and three SAN Shared Storage option licenses (one for each node and one for your existing Backup Exec server). You are allowed to re-use the Library Expansion Option license that you currently have on your existing Backup Exec server (Management1). This LEO option is for the second drive in the library (but in an SSO environment you can re-use the same license on all SSO servers).

Alternatively, if this is an active/passive cluster with a "primary node" that owns all cluster resources most of the time, you could reduce your requirement and only back up the resources via fiber when they are on the primary node.
You install BEWS on the primary node in that case. Then you only need one BEWS license and 2 SSO licenses (one for primary cluster node, one for Management1). You do need a Remote Agent license for the second node in that case.
There are 2 "exceptional" scenarios in that case:
1. If the primary node goes completely down, and resources fail over to the other node, you won't have a backup. For such cases you could create a job for the cluster resources on server Management1 or you could use CASO functionality to redirect the job to Management1 - in that case the backup will go across the network.
2. If resources fail over, but the first cluster node is not completely down (meaning Backup Exec is still running), then the backups of the cluster resources will be made from the first node across the network.

Hope this helps. And yes unfortunately it looks like your hardware vendor was correct.
BTW, if you have Backup Exec clustered, only the resources that are one the same node as Backup Exec resource will be backed up across fiber. Any resources on the other node will be backup up across the network.
fattyhAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much. This has cleared up the issues I have, and given me a way forward with options.


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