Server 2003 SBS in a non-domain environment

My client has a Dell server running MS Server 2003 SBS. He would like to just use this as an App server without the use of a domain. I had always heard in the past that SBS needs to be used in a domain as some kind of Domain Controller. Can he use 2003 SBS in a workgroup as an application server?
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Glen KnightCommented:
SBS must be a domain controller and it must hold all 5 FSMO roles.
Why don't you just jointe computers to the domain and have all thenother benefits?

You don't have to use exchange if you don't want to?
Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
SBS server MUST be a domain controller. That said...
While you CAN just set it up and access it from non-domain machines in a workgroup like fashion its a big waste of money - why pay for a domain and don't use it. It will also make administration more complex in the long run and you will not enjoy the benefits of the domain and the securith that goes with it.
NetworkParamedicsAuthor Commented:
Thank You both for the response. The client only has about 5 workstations and really has no security concerns. With that in mind, it is kind of overkill to have a domain running for the kind of use his office puts on the PCs. I was just wondering, considering he already has the server, I was looking for the best practice solution.

Thanks Again!
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