using a workflow to increase a number by one


this may seem a bit long winded so i appologise now. i have a team site that has a task list for sales guys to enter their up and coming meetings called AM Activity. there is also another task list called Planned Activity that lists the total of each months entries by sales person, i.e. Jan-10 sp1  sp2 sp3 sp4.

i am looking to create a worklow that will run when one of the sp creates a new entry it will increase the total in the relating planned activity month by a count of 1. i can get the work flow to look at the date range and if the sp name matches it will put a 1 in the task list called Planned activity under that sp name but i dont know how to get it to actually increase that total everytime that sp creates an entry in that month.
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zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
look at this example:

in particular, see the part about incrementing the EmailReminderCount field.  it shows how to increment that counter by one.  the same concept will apply to your scenario
RMADMINAuthor Commented:
here is a screen shot of the front page to give you an idea of what i mean
I don't get why, when you are adding an item to a list, you would want to increase a counter somewhere by one.

Wouldn't it be easier, when looking up your overview, to count the number of items realtime?
RMADMINAuthor Commented:
Hi Ms Shadow
im new to workflows and wasnt sure how to go about it. i want the view you can currently see in the picture but wasnt sure how to get it so i thought the simplist way may be to have a workflow update an additonal list am i wrong?

Hi Zephyr_Hex i will check that link out many thanks
RMADMINAuthor Commented:
works like a charm. took a bit of configuring though
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