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Hi All,

Is there away on Mac OSX Server to be able to tell how many Macs are connecting to it and what Operating Systems they are running. We have some Mac Laptops in our estate but we want to narrow down what OS's are running and how many Macs in total we have.

The purpose for this would be to work out a licensing agreement with Apple for future OS upgrades.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks,

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roylongConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your best option would be to use ARD (apple remote desktop) - you can then search for and audit all the macs on your network.  You set an IP address range to scan and it will find all the mac on that network.  Giving you all the information you need.

From the mac OS X Server, you can use the Server Admin application to list all the connected clients but it won't give you OS details to the level which you want.
robertcernyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Apple Remote Desktop is a must have software for each administrator. It allows not only getting info, but mass install/copy of software and mass execution of unix/applescript scripts.
or an alternate, if all the macs you have got HAVE OS X Leopard or above on it, then you can enable screen sharing on them which will allow you to control them.

not as good as ARD but an option.
ambri5hAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the above suggestions guys... I am considering the more likely option of ARD as it seems the most practical and simplest.

However on a slight sub-topic, if on the Server under Workgroup Manager - Is it possible to add the AD machines to it using LDAP or something to that effect and would that also enable me to gather system information on the clients connected to it?
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