mysql order by two fields equally

I currently have a mysql query set up with the order like this:

 ORDER BY LTpricetoday, LTafterrebates ASC, id DESC LIMIT 0, 20

I have added another product line, so now I need it to order by both LTpricetoday and BWpricetoday, so the ones with the smallest price today show up first - whichever it is.

Then after that, LTafterrebates would be the secondary order, id the last.

Does that make sense?  It is possible?

Thanks,  Chris
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vineethvpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try the following,

      id DESC
I think I understand. Can you post the actual SQL query you are using and a sample of what you have now and an sample (hand written probably) of what you want?
St_Aug_Beach_BumAuthor Commented:

Well, currently I have it like this:

"SELECT * FROM cps WHERE updated = '1262697422' AND style = 'PDA'  ORDER BY LTpricetoday, LTafterrebates ASC, id DESC LIMIT"

but I need to add BWpricetoday into the ORDER section.

So that the results will provide a combined list ordered first of all by comparing both LTpricetoday and BWpricetoday, so I might end up with this:

BW - $0
LT - $1
LT - $1
BW - $2
LT - $3
BW - $3
LT - $4
BW - $5
Vimal DMSenior Software EngineerCommented:

1)You can use like this
  query :  ORDER BY LTpricetoday ASC, LTafterrebates DESC, id DESC LIMIT 0, 20
2)Even you can use the following example aslo
  query : ORDER BY 3 DESC LIMIT 0, 20
3 - indicates the first three fields of the select query.

St_Aug_Beach_BumAuthor Commented:
opps, just cut off the " DESC LIMIT 0, 20" of the previous query, but doesn't affect the question, still trying to figure out how to order by both fields on an equal level.
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