Flashing power LED on IBM HS21 blade

The UPS connected to my IBM blade chassis fritzed a little yesterday (I think the battery is getting old) and the Bladecenter terminal logged a hardware failure (power source non-redundant on domain 2) which caused the HS21 blades in bays 7 and 8 to restart.  The blade in bay 8 came back up fine, but the one in bay 7 is powered down and has a flashing green power LED.  It won't process commands (shut down, restart, allow manual shutdown) from the web terminal, and won't restart if I try to turn it off manually.  I'm sure the firmware on the HS21 is way out of date and we recently updated the Bladecenter firmware.  Is there any way to get this sucker back up before I call IBM?
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I know a fast-flashing power LED on the IBM tower and rack servers upon putting them back on power is a normal condition, at least during the first few minutes as the motherboard does its diagnostics.

I'd suggest removing blade 7 and putting back in and see if a total power loss that way helps any, but if it doesn't you're calling IBM's field circus.
orbisuserAuthor Commented:
Also the LED is flashing RAPIDLY, not slowly.  This seemed to be a point of significance on other support boards.

Any advice would be most appreciated.

orbisuserAuthor Commented:
I'm hesitant to take the blade out of the chassis.  I didn't configure the system originally and I don't have a lot of experience with this model.  Is this difficult to do, what are the risks?

I should also mention that there's a solid amber "i" LED on the back of the Bladecenter, but the activity log on the web terminal just says, that both blade 7 and 8 experienced power supply issues, then 8 restarted and the power module for domain 2 is still trying to discover blade 7.  Weird.
orbisuserAuthor Commented:
We bit the bullet and re inserted the blade.  I'd like to know what caused the thing not to boot when power was restored, but the solution definitely worked and we're back online.  Thank you for your help.
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