Linux servers over Windows server in an enterprise organization.

Presently Our DB and application servers are running on Windows platform. We had a plan to migrate the same to Linux platform. Please list what are the advantages/leverage we can achieve with this move. I Would need understanding in term of hardware/stability, scalability& etc

share your experience & views .........Thanks for help.
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Windows is one single product - the delivered from Microsoft version.
I hope you use Windows Server OS.

Linux has many distributions:
- Red Hat
- Novel (SuSE Linux)
- Oracle Linux

Oracle runs very good on licencesed and brand Linux distributions,
but you will experience some troubles if you use non-brand Linux distribution.
I met many complains here about such distributions.

One of the good features of Linux is that it uses the unused part of the RAM
to cache disk blocks and to speed up the processing. It is also possible to create many Oracle instances
under Linux. Under Windows there are some RAM problems (possibly in the past ...)
Windows is reliable.  Linux requires expensive support packages.  You will also find more Windows support at EE than Linux, IMHO.
how big is your database, what's ur hardware, what issues are you facing currently?
and how good are you/your team at linux?
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In terms of hardware/stability linux is more stable and uses better the hardware resources. Once the server is online and running you will forget it even exists. But with linux you have to configure more things and know things in a more deeper way (you may miss a lot of wizards). In fact using Linux you will learn things about Windows you never had the need to know, specially if using Linux in a mixed environment with windows workstations.

In short, the migration will be painful, you will have to acquire lots of new knowledge but in the end you wont regret it.

Even tough you will find more Windows support at EE than Linux  there is more documentation and support in Internet for Linux than for Windows.
There is more documentation on Linux on the net because it requires that much more "support".  IMHO.
It is an endless war Linux vs Windows.

The point is, as with any other tool, that each tool is good for something. Linux is good for services like mail, web, dhcp, dns and other network related services. But you wont find in Linux something so powerful as  Active Directory and GPO.

If you are going to migrate only database servers then performance is a key factor and Linux provides better performance and stability.
If you are completely new to the subject here you have a comparison covering different topics to consider.
There is no war in this topic.
If you have budget you possibly will chose
brand Unix with Sun or IBM minicomputer.
If this is not the case you have to chose Linux
(it is cheap) and to invest more money in a stable server machine.

In fact the war is not between Unix-Windows, it is between
Unix-Linux. Unix is the mercedes, Linux is a cheap car.

Windows is also a good solution, but I think the Windows server editions.

Installation of Oracle on Linux is a hard task and need training and preparation.
Installation on Windows is easier and straight forward. But needs also planning
and preparation   ... do not underestimate this.
Whats is your oracle version ?
mansur_mcaAuthor Commented:
it is oracle AS10g r2
I have experience with installing some components of OAS 10g R2.
Be aware that  if will be used for applications that use alphabets
different from English the best solution is to install it on Windows platform.

In Linux you will have major troubles with the alphabets of the nonEnglish languages
and also have to go around the problems with the numerous packages (RPM) you have
to install to fullfill all prerequisites.

Also be aware that the full installation of OAS includes:

1. Infrastructure Oracle Data base
2. The OAS products you decide to use

It is a hard task to manage this set in Linux.
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