Redirected printers accumulate in roaming profile Windows Server 2008 TS

I have windows 2008 TS enviroment using roaming profiles, under hkey_current_user\Software\Microsoft\windows NT\Devices  and PrinterPorts all redirected printers are listed, even from other users, the list grows longer everyday, in our 2003 TS environment it just listed the network printers setup on the terminal server. This is causing a hanging issue in one of our main apps. I can fix this by deleteing the printers under the registry key listed above but I would like to have a solution where it doesn't "map'' all of the redirected printers.
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Cláudio RodriguesFounder and CEOCommented:
Why not adding a logoff script that gets rid of this key when a user logs off? This will eliminate the issue.

Cláudio Rodrigues
Citrix CTP
Cláudio RodriguesFounder and CEOCommented:
Windows 2008 does have a policy you can enable to map only the default printer.
Is this what you are looking for?

Cláudio Rodrigues
Citrix CTP
jhollandbAuthor Commented:
no, all users redirected printers are showing up in the registry key hkey_current_user\Software\Microsoft\windows NT\Devices  and PrinterPorts for each individual user. example below (just a fraction of the listings...)
"csmith generic (redirected 2)"="winspool,TS001"
"HP LaserJet 4 (redirected 5)"="winspool,TS081"
"bkeen generic (redirected 10)"="winspool,TS090"
"csmith generic (redirected 6)"="winspool,TS074"
"ppoole generic text (redirected 10)"="winspool,TS083"
"ED Teller (redirected 10)"="winspool,TS017"
"jmiddlebrooks Generic (redirected 14)"="winspool,TS095"
"ED Teller (redirected 14)"="winspool,TS128"
"csmith generic (redirected 4)"="winspool,TS064"
"ppoole generic text (redirected 6)"="winspool,TS074"
"Generic / Text Only (redirected 11)"="winspool,TS131"
"HP LaserJet 4 (redirected 11)"="winspool,TS132"
"dsnow generic (redirected 12)"="winspool,TS093"
"ED Teller (redirected 16)"="winspool,TS017"
"jmiddlebrooks Generic (redirected 16)"="winspool,TS138"
"Gdtotell2 (redirected 13)"="winspool,TS016"
"Gjmanning (redirected 14)"="winspool,TS017"
"Gsunder (redirected 15)"="winspool,TS018"
"Gsbrown (redirected 17)"="winspool,TS020"
"Jmcdanield_laserjet (redirected 19)"="winspool,TS021"
"Bcox_laserjet (redirected 20)"="winspool,TS022"
"Heartland April (redirected 23)"="winspool,TS025"
"Auto HP LaserJet 4 on BOD2 (redirected 23)"="winspool,TS027"
"Gbkeen (redirected 11)"="winspool,TS011"
"Ccrews_Laserjet (redirected 24)"="winspool,TS031"
"Hall Printer (redirected 2)"="winspool,TS006"
"Gppoole (redirected 6)"="winspool,TS014"
"HP LaserJet 4000 Series PCL6 (redirected 10)"="winspool,TS013"
"Cwhite_Kyocera (redirected 13)"="winspool,TS016"
"Cnifong Laserjet (redirected 16)"="winspool,TS017"
"Gtjohnson (redirected 22)"="winspool,TS024"
"Gjmanning (redirected 27)"="winspool,TS031"
jhollandbAuthor Commented:
I wanted to figure out how to do it without a log off script
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