Domain has an unknown Exchange signature

First of all now that all my users are created and joined + mail box transfered, I have a lots of issue with a Brand install 2008 Std SP2 and Exchange 2010.

And I thought that could be one of my Main issue : Domain has an unknown Exchange signature.
Exemple of the issue ( cannot create another MailStorage, when I create a distribution group and I try to send a mail it says invalid email (does not exist )). etc..
and from the BPA it says that I need to do a domain prep to fix the : Domain has an unknown Exchange signature

NOW my question does domain prep on prod server worth ? meaning would I loose all my users settings,  mailbox, profile etc.. ? Im scared a bit of doing a domain prep on my domain.


Would Domain prep will fixe my Issue, should I call microsoft for support ?

BTW: I have a over 60 users.
AxelIT TechAsked:
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gupnitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Domain prep does not spoil anything and the settings. Do not worry.
Goood Read
AxelIT TechAuthor Commented:
let say the link was not useful, I came here with the TERM and knowing what to do,and  you told me that was fine without any Fact, so I called Microsoft. Thanks I gave you the credit, but maybe I didn't ask my question properly.

Have a good day
Technointegra:  I'm having the same issue - what did Microsoft say?  I agree that the URL (which was provided by the Best Practices Analyzer) isn't useful at all, since it doesn't address Exchange 2010.
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