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1. Is a template just a blank content file with master pages all set and waiting to be instanciated into document files?
It seems like after i saved it originally, "OPEN"ing the indt file starts a new indd DOCUMENT.

2. How do i edit the template file?  
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casinnolaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When you create a new .indd file and save it as an .indt, the .indt file contains everything you put in the .indd file: master page items, swatches, paragraph/character styles, object styles, etc. It also holds any content that you put on any page(s).
As you discovered, when you open the .indt file, it creates a new .indd document ("Untitled-1.indd"). I imagine they did this to help you protect the template from accidental changes.
If you want to edit the template, simply open it, make your changes, then do SAVE AS, pick "InDesign Template" from the "save as type" dropdown in the Save As dialog box, and overwrite your original template.
Just a side note: unfortunately, any files you create using an InDesign template does not maintain a link to the template (the way Dreamweaver does, for example.) So if you have a template that you've used to create a dozen other documents, then you change something in the template, you would have to go into each of the child documents to make those changes. There is a workaround for this, but it involves using a book, and that's beyond the scope of your question.
willsherwoodAuthor Commented:
perfect answer.  VERY HELPFUL.
yes this is part of a book and we're using that mechanism and can synchronize.
But:  what does the Bok Sync command  "synchronize to"?
(what source is it considering to be "god")?
Could you ask that as another question so it will show up in searches?
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