Vista won't boot with 2 sata drives installed.

I have a Dell XPS700 running Vista Ultimate.

It came with two 320gb sata drives installed, Raided. I broke the RAID right away as I was having boot problems. After that it worked fine - for the most part.

I now have a 500GB WD Sata drive that came out of my Imac. It was partitioned with boot camp on it so half is NTFS the other half is formatted for the MAC.

When I install the 500gb drive, as DRIVE01 (removing the other 320gb drive), my system hangs when the Windows Progress bar appears - sometimes it will go beyond that to a black screen. If I try safemode, it hangs at the CRCcheck line.

My frustration is - if I had OLD technology - XP and EIDE drives, I'd make the 500gb drive a slave, and no problems. Seems Vista wants to incorporate that drive in the startup somehow and it's causing a failure.

I just need to access this drive to pull some data off - the MAC partition is corrupted and not bootable from the IMac.

Any thoughts?
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Jackie ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Or your 500GB really have physical error. Start from Data Rescue 3 - Mac and you will know whether you can recover your files.

Good luck!
Jackie ManCommented:
You need to install macdrive in your vista before you can access the mac partition.

Besides, I think that your DRIVE00, i,e, the primary drive for Vista, has included the other 320gb drive in the master boot record.

So, you would better try to connect the 500gb drive to the Secondary SATA controller, i.e. the one connecting DVD drive as a master drive.

If you still get the same error, you may need to buy an external USB case and put your 500gb hard disk inside and attach it to your Vista.
Trident44Author Commented:
Hi Jackieman,

Macdrive is installed.

Before I swapped out the original secondary drive I did have the 500gb drive on the Secondary SATA controller - with the same effect.

Interesting what you said about Vista including the other 320gb drive in the mbr......I will edit the registry and remove that. That said, the bios is seeing the 500gb drive as Drive01.

I did try the 500gb drive in a firewire enclosure...the result was Vista recognized it - intermittently. Sometimes it would show in disk manager, other times not. Same when I ran macdrive.

Thanks for your help!
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Jackie ManCommented:
Do you own a MAC or can borrow a Mac Book from your friend?

It seems to me that Vista cannot fix MAC partition error.. make sense?

Stop at CRC Check means that there is hardware problem for your 500GB hard disk. But, I have no idea whether it is a fault alarm or Vista see a partition that it does not understand and assume that the MAC partition is bad.

So, if I were you, I will use a MAC to install Data Rescue 3 - Mac from and attach your 500GB hard disk via firewire enclosure.
Trident44Author Commented:
Hey Jackie,

Thanks again - this is where it gets strange.

I've tried Data Rescue and Disk Doctor - and a couple of others. They don't even see the disk. Apples Disk Utility sees it but when I run repair or verify, it runs for a while, then fails.

When I had it in the firewire enclosure I was able to see - and access - the NTFS I'm pretty sure it's just some corruption on the MAC partition. Could be physical issues impacting just that partition - but if so, I've never seen it before.

I appreciate your's much more than I've found anywhere else online! This may be one of those things that just can't be fixed........and hadn't backed up my purchase of Led Zep's Mothership yet!

Trident44Author Commented:
Jackie definitely provided more information on a very vague, and somewhat unique, problem. I have no doubt his directions would work the vast majority of the time....!
Jackie ManCommented:
You are welcome

I have found a blog posting below which may be useful for you.

Attached your 500GB Hard disk via Firewire to your Imac and start your iMac with a Ubuntu CD (Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition Install/Live CD)

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