i have installed vsftpd on Fedora 12.
i have created users on Fedora and each can log on to that machine.
they have their own home directory
my intention was to create a shared fodler and create sub-folder for each users so they can upload files in there own foders.
for an example create sahred folder under ftp folder or under the root.
install samba and give access to microsoft windows users to that shared folder.
some reson the ftp upload goes to each desktop instead of shred folder becuase of that microsoft  winodws users will not be able to see that desktop.
how do i make this happen?
i would appreciate if you can send me the link.
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Here's the method to be applied:

For your special purpose, this would translate to:
1. Create the shared folder at some place, say: /var/shared (do not create it in the /root folder)

2. Create user folders underneath the shared one, say:
# mkdir /var/shared/user1
# mkdir /var/shared/user2

3. Create shared folders in the users' home:
# mkdir /home/user1/shared_ftp
# mkdir /home/user2/shared_ftp

4. mount and bind those new folders:
# mount --bind /var/shared/user1 /home/user1/shared_ftp
# mount --bind /var/shared/user2 /home/user2/shared_ftp

Give samba access to /var/shared

The bindings will be lost on rebooting the server, so either include them in a startup script, or add them to /etc/fstab as recommended in the quoted article.
pdsmicroAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much, this is what i wanted. i will give a try.
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