Event ID 9325 - Exchange 2007


I am frequently getting Event ID 9327

OALGen skipped some entries in the offline address list '\Global Address List'.  To see which entries are affected, event logging for the OAL Generator must be set to at least medium.
- Offline Address Book -GAL

I've already ran the command to increase the level to medium.

This event appears right before 9327;

Event ID:9325
OALGen will skip user entry 'Everyone' in address list '\Global Address List' because the SMTP address '' is invalid.
- Offline Address Book -GAL

What can i do to resolve this issue?

Thank you!
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This article may help>
"Exchange Server 2007 may drop recipients out of the offline address book":
GIFT22075Author Commented:
One of the items that gets skipped it the "everyone" group.

Now, I am running in NON-cached mode Outlook 2007 and when I go to the GAL, I see the "everyone group" (SMPT:everyone@mycompany.com)

If I go into the domain controller and search for the everyone group, the only object that gets found (when I search for everyone) is a group called MYCOMPANY. In Exchange MC, I see the everyone email group but it looks like the domain name has been changed to MYCOMPANY

In essence, it seems that someone renamed the default everyone group to MYCOMPANY. Would this be the cause of the problem?
GIFT22075Author Commented:
The email address for the MYCOMPANY object has an smtp of mycomany@mycompany.com, and it looks like it's been changed to a security group.

if I change the email address, will this break anything?
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