Study for the BSCI

I am working on my CCNP and have passed the BCMSN and my next exam will be the BSCI.
Is there a way to trade or buy used training materials?
I have some CCNA and BCMSN material that I would be willing to trade.
I usually read the Cisco approved study guide, watch a video course or two, read the Command Guide, get some hands on with the routers and switches and then look at a test simulator to see where my weak points are.
I don't mind paying for material but with the above mentioned aids it would be easy to spend 1500 dollars or more.
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Istvan KalmarConnect With a Mentor Head of IT Security Division Commented:
I advise to see a chineese page: there is a lot os study guide for you for free in English!
that1guy15Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yeah once you start using multiple sources for study the price gets up there. Your best bet is to buy your study material for the whole CCNP in a kit. The cisco press exam cert library is this way. Training videos can also be purchased for the whole CCNP.
Your best bet will be to check ebay or similar site for people selling what they have. I would sell you my stuff but i am wanting to hold on to it for future use :)
The one plus side though is since the CCNP track is changing up soon ( should be this month) a lot of the companies are starting to discount their material.
Aside from that my suggested study materials for the whole CCNP are:
Cisco Press Offical cert library
Cisco Press CCNP command guide library
TrainSignal CBT videos or CBT Nugget videos (both are great)
GNS3 for lab and hands on. (BCMSN is the only exam that i needed real gear for)
bsohn417Connect With a Mentor Commented:
BCMSN book by cisco press is one of the best book. u should keep the book for future use.
When i took my BSCI exam i studied BSCI by cisco press. i did have some Cisco routers to play with.

u will also find some videos on youtube

there is no need to spend money on training videos, keep your focus on BSCI book by cisco. It have all you need to pass BSCI exam.
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Vito_CorleoneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think videos are a great tool, so I would try to find a way to get those. I prefer CBT Nuggets, they were a huge help with my NP. Also, the books Routing TCP/IP 1 and 2. You can find used books on Amazon for pretty cheap. You can also Google around and find some (free) ebooks.
Dragon0x40Author Commented:
thanks ikalmar, kind of tough to find stuff on that site and what I did find seems a little old but might still be useful.

thanks that1guy15, is GNS3 easy to use? How big of a learning curve? Is it completely free?

thanks bsohn417 and Vito Corleone, I like the videos but agree that the Cisco Press Official Study Guides are very good.

Just seems like there should be a website where you can rent or swap training videos and materials.
There are many more on YouTube
that1guy15Connect With a Mentor Commented:
"is GNS3 easy to use? How big of a learning curve? Is it completely free?"
yes it is completly free. Since it runs off of actual IOSs you must supply your own IOS though.
I think GNS3 has a pretty easy learning curve. Just go through a couple fo their training videos and you will be set.
Dragon0x40Author Commented:
Yes there are a lot of videos on youtube but  are they current, accurate and complete? The video courses that I have bought from Train Signal and CBT Nuggets have all the topics, are current and cover all the topics. Youtube is hit or miss. Yes you can learn from them but you spend so much time searching for what you are looking for and still probably miss major portions or entire topics.
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