event ID 1509 after installing sp2 on win2k3 server

hi ,
I have installed sp2 onto one of our Citrix Metaframe 4.0 servers (running on w2k3) and since I am unable to login using roaming profiles, including domain admin. It always reverts back to temp local cached profile.... I am also getting a weird event ID 1509 message where it is trying to copy some other users folders into my profile... then failing...

Windows cannot copy file \\server\tseprofiles$\username......
Detail - the file name is too long...

The strangest thing in the error message is that it is trying to copy some other users folders even when I am trying to log in as domain admin.

I have other win2k3 server with sp2 on it without any problems. I have removed this from the domain , re-added ... followed some trails on technical sites but no luck so far...

probably as the end-result of all this, now I am unable to remove the SP2 as it fails during uninstall...

any other way of removing SP2 or figuring out why I am getting this error?
Many thanks.
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