Automated deployment of printers in an SBS enviromentment

I would like to know what you believe is the recommended, simplest and easiest-to-maintain method in deploying printers to users in an Windows SBS 2003 environment?

Ideally it would require minimum user intervention and will be completely automated.  Obviously it being a small business server has ruled out the possibility of using printmanagement.msc

Are there any other methods such a group policy or login-script that could achieve this? And if so, how do I go about doing it?

Many thanks
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Well, that it explains it.  
When you use SBS and set it up properly, it does a LOT for you.  When you don't you miss out on a great many features (my first SBS install was a mess).  You should always be using the ConnectComputer option.  http://ServerName/ConnectComputer

SBS is NOT just Windows Server with Exchange - it's an integrated solution with features and management tools meant to be used by NON-ADMINS, making setup easier - unless you overthink it and treat it like regular server.  In which case you can cause yourself more headaches...
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
"Obviously it being a small business server has ruled out the possibility of using printmanagement.msc"

Why?  If it's SBS 2003 R2, it's there.  Is it R2?   (2003 didn't have it so SBS 2003 didn't have it.  2003 R2 had it, so SBS 2003 R2 DID have it).  

(SBS has very specific restrictions restrictions which primarily centered around DC functionality).

You can use VBScripts to deploy the printers - but SBS should deploy them anyway... if it's setup properly.  I just setup a Win7 machine last night.  After the second reboot upon joining the domain, I was prompted to install all the printers on my network - I did nothing special - and I did have any scripts doing it for me.  Do you connect the computers using the ConnectComputer web wizards?

granite03Author Commented:
It's not R2, it is still on S2 and for the time being we would like to keep it on that .

Regarding connecting computers, we do it through the "System Properties" option, and when it comes to printers we usually search for network printers when we log in as the user for the first time.
granite03Author Commented:
I really didn't know about ConnectComputer :)

I have since found very little support information about it, rather they were troubleshooting related even on the Microsoft Support website

Is it possible to provided with information on how to set it up on our server?
granite03Author Commented:
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