E3801 Invalid session header signature. (SIG=00000000)

Hi -

I have problem with some LTO4 tapes. The set has 3 tapes and was made recently (2 months ago).  Source of the backup was the windows network share, option - password encryption, version of Arcserve 12.5. Right now I try restore this data and
any attempt to merge or restoration of those tape finished with errors:
E3801 Invalid session header signature. (SIG=00000000)
W3853 Session was truncated. (SESSION=2)
W3853 Session was truncated. (SESSION=3)
E3713 Unable to read from media. (MEDIA=media_name, EC=CARTRIDGE NOT IN PLACE)

(so far try different drive, controllers - no success)

Do somebody have similar problem or know why this errors appear? Any help or advice will be very welcome.  
Regards, selsta  
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dovidmichelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
could be a problem of the different tape drive reading the tape, that should not happen but it one possibility. Other possibility is a drive problem during the backup.

run the restore by backup media and post the error for that, unless it is the same incompatible format then don't bother.
prashant9885Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Could be problem with Database.

Run maintenance on ARCserve database. Select maintenance options in prune settings in server admin and run prune job.

run a cleaning job  on tape drive.

Is cummulative update 1 applied on this. If not apply cummulative update and updated patches.


You can try initializing the DB and then run merge, this would be last option.

The first three messages point to a problem with the backup.
1-the drive read the tape ok, but the data it returned was not a valid session header
   could be due to a variety of things such as a DB problem mnentioned above
2&3-indicates that during the backup the session was not finished correctly.
Try restoring session 2 via restore by backup media. It will simply start at the beginning of the session and restore everything up until the problem.
4-this one is totally different, the drive is indicating a problem positioning the tape.

ck ARCserve...\LOG\tape.log for details on the error
try using another set of tapes
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selstaAuthor Commented:
Hi - dovidmichel. Thanks for your command.

I try restoration by backup media - unsuccessfully (filed with the same erros). - Restore - Selected by backup media - session 1
The Arcserve installation is fresh (just made only for this job) - for this reason I don't think that problem will be related to DB.
For more fan - the scan for this tape is finished with no problem - showing 1 session (what I expect) .
I attached the Tape.log - (part of them connected to one job)

Thank you all your help

[12/18 15:19:06 0eb8  2 TK          22   6] 15:19:01 =>ABSL:5010 [READ                ] 08 01 00 00 01 00 00 00 00 00
[12/18 15:19:06 0eb8  2 TK          22   6] =>ABSL:5010 [REQUEST SENSE   ] 03 00 00 00 40 00 00 00 00 00
[12/18 15:19:06 0eb8  2 TK          22   6]             , Sense Data as Follows:
[12/18 15:19:06 0eb8  2 TK          22   6]          SENSE ABSL:5010      f0 00 03 00 00 00 01 58 00 00 00 00 30
[12/18 15:19:06 0eb8  2 TK          22   6]       EX SENSE ABSL:5010      02 30 00 11 00 00 00 00 02 20 20 20 20 20 20 20
[12/18 15:19:06 0eb8  2 TK          22   6]          SENSE ABSL:5010      Media Error [03]
[12/18 15:19:06 0eb8  2 TK          22   6]       EX SENSE ABSL:5010      Cannot Read Medium - Incompatible Format [30, 02]

This is the point of failure. What this says is that the tape drive has reported back to ARCserve that it cannot read the tape because the previously written data is in an incompatible format.
Looking up in the log for when the tape header is read.

This is a sequence  #3 tape, this looks like a log from a merge. this is is not you said, I don't have time for this. this log shows there is one session that spans 3 tapes and when it started reading the 3rd it got this error. again problem at the backup. find out about the details of the backup, drive used, application used and version used.
selstaAuthor Commented:
Thanks - dovidmichel.
I am very apri. for time you spent looking on this case.
I already try different drives and arcserve settings - so far no solution. This tapes are encrypted - that I am tie to native arcserve restore.  
What you are thinking of using the copytape utility and duplicated this tapes to new ones? This make sans for you or is only waisting of time.
What you think of that?
again data indicates a backup and not a restore problem
was the same tape drive used to do the backup
was the same version of arcserve used
was hardware encryption used in the backup
what type of data was backed up in this session
how many tapes are in this 1 session
did you check for updates to 12.5
selstaAuthor Commented:
Hi -

was the same tape drive used to do the backup - no - was used - Overland Storage ARCvault 24 Tape library - LTO Ultrium - 4  - right now I try restore the tapes using IBM LTO4 drive
was the same version of arcserve used - yes - Arcserve 12.5
was hardware encryption used in the backup - yes  -
   Arcserve Backup option - Encryption/Compresion tab - Session/Encription password: some_password
                                           Encryption/Compression method - Encryption data at Server during backup

what type of data was backed up in this session - windows share from NSA - about 4TB  
how many tapes are in this 1 session - 3 tapes
did you check for updates to 12.5 - I check the available updates but looks that is nothing install to resolve this problem - summary I don't install any updates.

selstaAuthor Commented:
hi -
I give up with this issue. Looks like this backup is lost.
Thx for effort what someone put to this case.

thx, Selsta
selstaAuthor Commented:
Problem was not solve.
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