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indesgin master pages - how to instanciate text boxes

i have a-Master applied to (real) page 1 of the indd document.
There's a text box that's threaded for the left and right facing reader spread pages in the A-Master.

Question 1:
However, when i'm ready to type into or paste into the Page 1 text box, the text box is nowhere to be found.  I would like to have the Master Page's text box to be there waiting to be filled in.
What did i miss doing?

Question 2:
the left page is threaded to the right page within the A-Master.
What will thread the text boxes together between (across) reader spreads when there's more than 2 pages?    Is that automatic or do i need to do an additional threading?

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2 Solutions
Did you lock the text frame using the Object menu > lock command?
Did you lock the layer (on the layers panel - window menu > layers)?
You can always use the 'override' option and select a master page item by Ctrl+Shift clicking it before using it.
Q2: You'll be fine the way it is
willsherwoodAuthor Commented:
Nothing was locked -- it's just that the text boxes don't show on the real pages (only in the definitions of the A-Master left & right pages)
I can of course manually create new text boxes on the Page 1 real pages, but that defeats the purpose/beauty of having Master Pages.
Thus how to get the text box to show on Page1 so i can then paste in text.
Note that Select All doesn't show that it exists.  Just the Page number & header text boxes show (as expected/wanted).
Is there something one has to do special to the Master Page text box to make it appear (it's currently empty and untouched except for threading the left and right facing pages)

Q2 (thanks!)
when you place a document or image, the mouse cursor changes to a 'loaded' icon; when you hover a 'loaded' text/image cursor over a frame on a document page it changes to have ( ) parentheses around it, then you click to place into the frame. You can also choose the View Menu > Object/Frame edges command to see the boxes (sorry it's fuzzy detail, not in front of InDesign).
willsherwoodAuthor Commented:
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