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Basic (and old-school) question about mapping a drive to a Windows host over dial-up

I have been tasked to set up a point-to-point connection over dial-up between two Windows XP computers.  I have set up an incoming connection on both sides (either host can dial in to the other) and started the routing and remote access service.  I am able to establish a connection but I can't map any drives (I can ping the remote host thi).  I've set up a share with Everyone having full access but when I try to map the drive, I get "no network was found".  I've tried mapping the drive by \\ IP address \ share name and by host name (but since there is no DNS server I knew that would not work).  Is there any special way I need to map the drive?  I also tried the 'net use' command.  

Is there a minimum bandwidth/speed required to map a drive?  I'm currently getting 38K speeds.  
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There is no minimum bandwidth requirement however you should try setting up web folders in XP. This feature is not available in vista or 7 however is you set up web folders you can share and map by IP address with the need of a DNS server.
Ravi AgrawalCommented:
How about using Hamachi, in case you are not so bent in using that Dialup sharing approach of XP. http://hamachi.en.softonic.com/

Its good and it works.

I read a tutorial regarding your topic and implemented it successfully too, but can't find it. Will be posting the links in case I manage to get it.

What protocols and services have you set up on the dialup connection?
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Ravi AgrawalCommented:
 Not the original one I was searching though on the same lines.
You may need to alter your firewall settings on the computer you are sharing the folder on. If File/Print sharing is allowed, check the scope (by default, it only allows the local subnet). I'm not sure how the IPs get setup on a point-to-point dial-up connection, but if they are not on the same subnet, then the default settings in the firewall won't allow the connection. To find out if the firewall is the problem, it would be easier to just turn it off temporarily and try again. If it works, then you know it's a firewall configuration problem. If not, then it's not the firewall.

Also, have you tried running "net view \\computer" (replace computer with the IP address you are connecting to) to see what you get? You should get a list the shares on the remote computer. If you get an error back, it could help figure out what the problem you are having is.

Hope this helps.
pmcilvaineAuthor Commented:
I got the problem solved.  I wasn't broadcasting NETBIOS names over the dialup connection, which i have fixed now.  Junior, yes I tried the\\computername function to see what came up and eventually with some tweaking I found my shares.  Awarding points for the suggestions though.  

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