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While doing work, I found data being backed-up that should not have been (sensitive data). We have CommVault do the scheduled backups to local hard drive, and copy the data after 15 days (7 days, 2 cycles) from the hard drive to our external backup tape magazines.

My question is a simple one--how can I erase that folder from all backups in the last 35 days (time we have been backing up this data)? Furthermore, how can I find out all the data on each tape (I have a list of all the tapes that contain data from this server in the referenced time period.

Is there any way to erase all traces of this file?

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Psy053Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no way to remove specific data from existing backups.
You said "...and copy the data after 15 days..." - Note the Primary copies will be kept for their defined Retention, but may be copied to tape soon after the initial backup job ran (e.g. within one day).

Doing what you ask will very likely violate your established backup policies, and flies in the face of backup principles.

My suggestion: wait for the retention period to elapse and then erase the media so they don't wait on the shelf longer than necessary.
afro4cboss, do you require further assinstance with this?
If not, can you please close off the question.
I would reccomend assigning the points to 26188313. It is the definitive answer to the posters question.      
Clarification of 26188313 ... We need to know how the subclients are defined on these jobs.  It's true we can't dissect a single job/subclient after it is written to media.  But if the 'discard' data was its own subclient and happens to occupy media by itself not shared with other jobs... it may be possible to prevent a restore of that subclient, for a given Job.

After 35 days of backups, isolating all copies of the "folder" would appear to be impossible.  

Recommendation: I'll go with 26188313, or a combination including this post.

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