port scan reveals open port - security risk

Home pc user. Low experience, high curiosity. Vista Home Premium SP2. Early scans from
auditmypc.com showed no open ports. Later scans showed open port tcp 9000. Got some tools
from Sysinternals (for which I am very grateful). Mostly tcp 9000 was just "listening", then I caught
it being quite the little chatterbox. Have scanned with Spyware Doctor, Norton, Malwarebytes - they found nothing. Will appreciate any thoughts from someone who is aware of current threats at this port. Can you recommend other diagnostic tools?             - Thanks
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CodedKConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Noah_sq,

First of all what all this have to do with Delphi?
Anyway you said you used auditmypc and Sysinternals software.
Can you tell me where the address on this port resolves to?

Close applications like AOL or other software that phone home and try again.
JohnjcesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Port 9000 is not a commonly used TCP/IP port and is generally associated with with an IBM Websphere server and is registered in IANA as cslistener.

You must somehow have port 9000 open inbound through your router (unless you are dial up) to get auditmypc.com to see an open port.

However, it can be used, as well as any other port for anything else from a peer to peer file sharing program to some malware, (trojan, adware etc, anything 'mal').

You might check and see what autoupdate programs you have running, like maybe AdobeUpdate, or Real Player's update as they might possibly listen on that port.

You might check your system with SpyBot Search and Destroy and AdAware. Not the best but might help. There is just too little information to help you further. You could also run HiJackThis.exe from TrendMicro and see what all is starting up and in places that even msconfig.exe won't show you.

And you might close this and ask on a network forum.

noah_sqAuthor Commented:
I asked my question in the wrong forum.
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