Display Setting Reverts Back to 8 bit after reboot on one profile

Good afternoon!

Oddly enough, I am working on a users comptuer and when I reboot, the display settings default back to 8 bit color, when I set them to 32 bit before.

The other part is that this is ONLY WITH HER profile. I can sign in as any other user, and they will all start up 32 bit color settings no problem.

Where in a users profile could the display settings be hard coded. I have manually changed them in the display and the graphics card display settings with no luck.

I dont' believe this has to do with the graphics drivers since its just her profile.

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Might be easier to just create a new profile for her.

See http://www.ehow.com/how_5192730_repair-windows-xp-profile.html
Check Save Settings on Exit in this URL:

esi_steven_kearseAuthor Commented:
I tried the Save Settings on Exit reg edit with no luck unfortunately!

I suspected that I woudl have to recreate her profile before, but I was looking for an alternate solution if possible.

esi_steven_kearseAuthor Commented:
Though this is a last resort, this solution worked 100%
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