Pro Curve Vlan and tagging help

Im setting up my first ESX 4 server (were using 2) using an iSCI SAN with a Pro Curve 2910al layer 3 switch and im having some problems with taggin the trunks (so I think).

Basically the problem just came up when I tried to assign more than one nic to the vswitch in my esx1 server. I lost the network connection when I did that.One port can be used ok, but when i try to put in more than one trunk in the port it goes down.    So im thinking either I need to set up the esx server to route based on IP hash (which Ive read about but havnt done), or I have tagged the trunks in the wrong vlans (still trying to get my head out of the cisco clouds and into the pro curve ones).

So heres how I set up the Pro Curve switch......
Port 1&2 (untagged) are the management ports for the SAN which is Vlan 102
Port 3-6 (untagged) are the iSCSI ports for the SAN which is Vlan 101
Port 7-12 are trunked together as Trk1 and tagged in all Vlans (101,102,110 & 10)
Port 13-18 are trunked together as Trk2 and tagged in all Vlans (101,102,110 & 10)
I also have a workstation Vlan which is Vlan 110 and a servers Vlan which is Vlan 10
I have flow control setup on the trunked ports (not sure if this needs to be set or not)
IP Routing is enabled

Can someone please tell me what im doing wrong, im more of a network guy than a virtual guy and with my little (I have some) virtual knowledge im finding it hard to work out if my switch is setup correctly or not.  I have another engineer here who is competent in VM ware but a little unsure when it comes to the networking side of it.

Really appreciate any help
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Tekky007Author Commented:
Excellent thanks, it was the IP Hash the was the problem, changed that and it all came up.
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