How do I export User's AD accounts in multiple OUs

We have OUs under OUs. Say, I have an OU named Texas, under Texas OUs, I have multiples OUs as Houston, Austin, Dallas.. How do I export them all out (Production Environment) and import to another DC (Test environment). I really mean to keep the same structures of OUs and users in specific OUs. Thanks in advance.
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If you're trying to do a test lab, I suggest you change it to a virtual machine.  You can use hyper-v, virtual server, virtual pc and vmware.  It's all free.  Just do a P2V conversion.  
Your best bet is to use the Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) it will allow you to migrate users by OU's.

ITBoyAuthor Commented:
Both Maco008 and Mahdvic suggestions are excellent. I tried P2V before, not ADMT. I am working as consultant, I like to use export and import rather than anything has to do directly on customer's server. With P2V, it may raise security concern and with ADMT I don't have experience on it, don't want to make mistake. Any suggestions on export and import? Thanks.
ITBoyAuthor Commented:
P2V is the best simplest way to clone a system for testing. Thanks Maco008
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