where to get it supplies, networking materials

Hi guys

maybe this is not a technical question, but i have been browsing around and couldn't find a good place where to buyit supplies, pc parts and netwroking materials
we have been shopping from Tigerdirect, but this is more for regular retail.

where can i get reseller prices for pc parts, printers, laptops, computers, etc
where can i get networking supplies, cables, head, conduits, plates, tools, etc

please advices
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splaitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I buy my cables and such at Cable Depot - 770.564.2323 - ask for Sheila and tell her Sid sent you.

As for equipment, I am a Dell reseller, so I get stuff directly from them.  I also resell Carbonite and ESET security products, also direct from the vendors.

You can look at the bigger distributors, such as TechData and EverTek.
titorober23Author Commented:
This information is so helpful

How can i become a Dell reseller?
What other good stuff can be offer as an IT consultant?
Do you any Computer/parts reseller program, that will offer resellers a front store web page?
MikeConnect With a Mentor IT ProfessionalCommented:
Try newegg.com for the best prices on computer stuff

They have fast shipping
I have used them for years

I was a DELL reseller.  You have to be a legal business with a Tax ID. You need to fill out the reseller application, then they accept you.  They will then assign you a rep who you will deal with when ordering.  You design the machine in the "small business" section and then email the cart to your rep, they then discount it for you, which you then can mark up if you choose.  I find that the prices the reps give you is not all that great....thats why I stopped reselling them.

Hope that answers a couple of your questions
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