Preparing SBS2008 next to SBS2003 on same network

I have a SBS2003 server running our business at the moment. We are about to build a SBS2008 server on new hardware. The new SBS2008 server will have a new domain so we are opting to 'rebuild' the network and rejoin the workstations rather than migrate.

My question is - Will setting up the SBS2008 server on the same network IP structure affect anything?
It needs to be on the same network so it can get internet throughout the install.

My plan is to -
1) install SBS 2008 on new hardware
2) configure exchange, AD, setup user accounts etc.
3) copy files and mailboxes from 03 to new 08 server
4) change portfowarding in router so the new 2008 server starts receiving mail
5) turn off old server
5) rejoin all workstations to new domain

Is this going to work. Or is mixing 03 and 08 going to bugger things up?

Any input greatly appreciated.

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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Normally you have a 7 day window in which to run the two servers on the same network segment, after that at least the 2003 server will start to randomly shut down. You can extend that to 21 days with the following update:;EN-US;943494
However where they are different domains, this should not be a problem. The one issue you will have is SBS wants to be the DHCP server and will shut down when it sees another DHCP server. I would disable DHCP on the SBS and set the DHCP scope options manually on the SBS 2008 to point to the old server until you have made all the changes. We usually install a router between the two SBS's to create 2 network segments to block the DHCP and other broadcast traffic.
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