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Exchange Ent CAL question

I have Exchange 2010 Std CALs but want to do Journaling so I will need Ent CALs.

My question is how are the CALs applied to Exchange to allow me to do Journaling. Is it an honor system and can I configure Journaling now matter what I have paid for or is there some mechanism that will prevent journaling until I apply the CAL.?

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You do require. A good read for you - http://chrislehr.com/2009/12/exchange-2010-enterprise-client-access.htm
Refer: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa998649.aspx .... Exchange 2010 provides the following journaling options:
  • Standard journaling   Standard journaling is configured on a mailbox database. It enables the Journaling agent to journal all messages sent to and from mailboxes located on a specific mailbox database. To journal all messages to and from all recipients and senders, you must configure journaling on all mailbox databases on all Mailbox servers in the organization.
  • Premium journaling   Premium journaling enables the Journaling agent to perform more granular journaling by using journal rules. Instead of journaling all mailboxes residing on a mailbox database, you can configure journal rules to match your organization's needs by journaling individual recipients or members of distribution groups. You must have an Exchange Enterprise client access license (CAL) to use premium journaling.
If you have IRM in place then - To use journal report decryption, you must have an Exchange Enterprise client access license (CAL). Journal report decryption only supports premium journaling. Refer: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd876936.aspx

Nobody on this forum is qualified to answer licensing questions. All we can provide is an opinion. You should contact Microsoft directly to confirm what we have said.

However, as Nitin has already stated, you will need Enterprise CALs for Premium Journaling in Exchange 2010.

Enterprise CALs are additive to Standard CALs, so you need both a Standard and Enterprise CAL.

However, in direct answer to your question, CALs run on an HONOUR BASED SYSTEM as you stated. Exchange doesn't know how many CALs you've used nor do you ever have to tell Exchange this information.

It does give you a run down in the Management Console on how many CALs you should have, but those figures can be taken with a pinch of salt. Microsoft's automated license counting features are known to be prone to errors.

That said, you do need to have the correct CALs filed and documented; if you were ever audited, the lack of proper CALs would be a major issue.

Very True...MS Guys would be the right people to answer, though like I said "nothing stops you" it is "HBS" - but eCAL will be required from a Legal point of view !!

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