NetObject Fusion 11 feature evaluation

I thought it would be best to ask the experts rather than the www.

I am evaluation NetObject Fusion 11 and it looks workable for my project, but I need to make sure it can provide the following functionality:

1) I need to have a box for user comments that would really be an html editor, similar to TinyMCE or Cute Editor, with formatting, etc. Does NOF have this feature? Could TinyMCE be inserted into NOF?

2) I need an expandable list, ie. a datagrid of US States that a row could be clicked on and a list of major cities then displayed. Is that feature possible?

While definitely give an "A" if anyone has a link to a NOF site with these features.

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Delphineous SilverwingGood Ol' GeekCommented:
NOF does permit inclusion of foreign objects, such as scripts and active content.  Do keep in mind the NOF is merely a method of using template driven design to simplify web-site management.  In order to allow user submission to content, you need your host server to be enabled with the functionality and permissions to allow what you are targetting.

What environment is the host server?  (Windows 2003 IIS, Cold Fusion, Linux, etc)
Sarge516Author Commented:
Thank you, my target host server is Linux. I'm currently have a account that appears to provide what you described.
Sarge516Author Commented:
This is helpful information that I needed to know
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