Foxpro Can't Seem to Find Word 2007 under Windows 7

Guys, I have a snippit of code that I have used for years to detect if a application exists under Windows, but it does not see to work with Windows 7.  Am I missing something.

If is look for a return from Checksserver('Word.application'), under Windows Vista and back on my machine it returns .T., but under Windows 7, .F.:

FUNCTION Checkserver
      LPARAMETER cServerName
      LOCAL oRegistry, cClassID, cEXEName, lEXEExists, ;
            aClassIDValues, aClassIDValues, aServerNameValues

      IF VERSION() = "Visual FoxPro 06" .OR. .T.
            oRegistry = NEWOBJECT("Registry", "Registry.vcx")
            SET PROCEDURE TO HOME() + "samples\classes\registry.prg" ADDITIVE
            oRegistry = CREATEOBJECT("Registry")
      lEXEExists = .F.
      DECLARE aClassIDValues[1], aServerNameValues[1]
      WITH oRegistry
            * Find the CLSID of the server. First, look for
            * the Class's Key.
            IF .OpenKey(cServerName + "\CLSID") = 0
                  * The Class's Key is open, now enumerate its values
                  * The data portion of the first (only) value returned
                  * is the CLSID. Find the LocalServer32 key for the CLSID
                  IF .OpenKey("CLSID\" + aClassIDValues[1,2] + "\LocalServer32") = 0
                        * Enumerate the LocalServer32 values
                        * The EXE file is stored in the first (only) data value returned.
                        cEXEName = aServerNameValues[2]
                        * The value that's returned may have " -Automation" or " /Automation" or
                        * " /AUTOMATION" & other trailing stuff at the end. Strip it off.
                        IF "AUTO" $ UPPER(cEXEName)
                              cEXEName = LEFT(cEXEName, ATC("AUTO", UPPER(cEXEName)) - 2)
                        * Verify that the file exists
                        lEXEExists = FILE(cEXEName)
      RETURN lEXEExists

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You can try something like

RETURN llWordExists

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CaptainCyrilFounder, Software Engineer, Data ScientistCommented:
It could be that the registry checker is not working fine.

What I do is the same as tusharkanvinde. I try to run the automation object and trap the error and I don't include version numbers.
I use Excel.Application vs. Excel.Application.12.

I use VAL(VERSION(4)) to get a version number of FoxPro.
fmoore0001Author Commented:
Thanks.  You let me to a variation that was able to detect Word from Windows Server 2000 to Windows 7.  Thanks!
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