Outlook BCC user problem

I am having an issue with a user (mrX) not receiving an email from another user (mrsY) when he is in the BCC field.
mrX can receive BCC emails because i have sent an e-mail with him as the BCC recipient and he received it fine.
MrsY can send BCC emails because she sent an email with me and MrX as the recipients and I received it fine but MrX did not receive anything.
MrsY did not get a message failure notification either.
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mass2612Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Can Mrs Y send Mr X an email using the TO field? Sounds like it could be a view, rule or SPAM filter. Have you checked Mr X mailbox using OWA to rule out an Outlook view problem?

If you don't already have message tracking enabled can you turn it on and then try to send using BCC again and then check the message tracking logs?
FphcareHelpAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your tips.

We have checked the logs and found the message was being forwarded on to Mrx's personal G'mail account. This was due to MrsY having duplicate contacts for MrX and using the wrong one when adding MrX to the cc list.
FphcareHelpAuthor Commented:
Information put me on the right track but was not the full solution.
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