computer won't turns on when network cable is plugged in

I have a computer that won't turns on when the network cable is plugged in.
If I unplug the network cable the computer will turn on.  I plug the network cable back in and all works fine.  The nic is on the AcerPower Series mother board.

Is there any way to fix this?  
Or do I need to just disable the nic card on the mother board?
Ray NussbaumDir of TechnologyAsked:
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My suggestion would be to download the latest drivers for the NIC adapter.  Then go into the device manager of the computer...right click "Computer" or "My Computer", select "Manage" , Under "System Tools",  "Device Manager" find the NIC card and uninstall the NIC by a right click.  Then Reboot the should detect the device and then install the device by selecting the current driver location for the NIC card.
In your bios setup, verify that whether you have enabled the boot from network. If so disable it.
Ravi AgrawalCommented:
I would suggest removing the NIC from the motherboard and then see if the issues persist. It could be a partly burned NIC.

can you explain to what the network cable connects?  if to a multi-port router, try another port
and try another cable as well !
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