Rename or Remake a user account in AD 2003 SBS


I made a user called "mat" & now i have found out that his name is "matt".

Can i rename his current account called "mat" or is it better to make a new one called "matt"??? I would like the account & email address to both end up with "matt" displayed.
Will renaming an account create errors or be a problem to swap over?

The account is on Active directory on a SBS 2003. The account also has an email address with it. Exchange 2003 is running.
The account has a home folder and roaming profile. He has been using the account for a few days now.

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Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yeah you can rename it, take a look at this question I participated in last year
Good comments from Americom on the profile
hutnorAuthor Commented:
How do i go about renaming it? Is it just a simple right click then rename? It needs to change the email address as well as the account.
Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Open the account properties and go through the tabs.  You can rename everything there.  I wouldn't remove the incorrect e-mail address, but instead, add a new one and set it as default (otherwise, people could start having messages sent to him bounce).  

Renaming is always preferrable - AD bases things on GUIDs - Globally Unique IDs and NOT on names.  This includes rights to access mailboxes, files, and other information.  Once an account is deleted, it's difficult to recover (much easier in 2008 R2) and recreating it will create a new GUID resulting in all the old rights being removed.  This is why even at clients, I do NOT delete accounts for MONTHS after a person leaves - instead, I DISABLE the account and then delete them MUCH, MUCH later.
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hutnorAuthor Commented:
I do the same thing when a user leaves or gets fired. Their account will be disable and not delete.

Will adding an email address called create a new mailbox?
Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Not if you add a new SMTP address in the account properties.  You can create dozens of addresses if you want.  (I have something like 15 myself - I only use one regularly, but when I incorporated, I changed my domain name to the company name and didn't want people to have problems sending me e-mail - so I just added another address and set it as default.  (The default address is the address the mail appears to be FROM when the user sends mail).
hutnorAuthor Commented:
Alright thanks for that information. I will go rename & add an address for the user & they will be more then happy.

Just to make sure I understand correctly - The mailbox is like a "folder" & the SMTP address is like a "shortcut" that links to it.
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