Windows Firewall is using my domain settings, Preventing authentication of PREVX

This computer is part of a domain. When I check the settings on its firewall, I get the message: "Windows Firewall is using your domain settings"

The problem is that the domain settings are preventing this machine from making internet connections. Specifically, I cannot authenticate PREVX because something about the authentication process is being blocked.

How can I get this machine to make its own connections without using the domain settings?


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Unfortunately the way it is designed is for Group Policies to override your local settings, it is possible to get into registry and delete the settings, that would open up the windows firewall for a short period of time before they get reset, usually around 120 min...

I would work with your domain admin to see why the computer is blocked, they can always move the server into another OU which does not have this setting on the Group Policy for you to see if you can access the internet with the firewall disabled...

computerlarryAuthor Commented:
I didn't get an exact solution to my problem, but I learned of how the process worked.
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