intermittent dead keys while typing

Keyboard typing is suddenly (today) an intermittent, unresponsive problem.  Striking the keys sometimes (even several times while typing this sentence) leaves nothing.  Not blanks or delays.  No response (dead keys).  Speed of typing doesn't appear to be a factor.
I've run antivirus, cleanups, defrags.  No help.

XP Pro, SP3
AVG 9.0.725
Toshiba Tecra A7 laptop
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ICaldwellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I forgot, if this is the keyboard on the laptop try the compressed air, also try external keyboard, if external keyboard has same problem then its not the keyboard....

If the external works but internal does not and compressed air does not do anything I would think possibly something got in between the keyboard, this can be anything from water to a foreign object causing a problem...
If its a USB keyboard change the port its connected to on the back... use compressed air to clean the keys and whats under them, maybe hair or other foreign objects causing the keys to not completely depress....Finally attempt to replace keyboard, I would personally do this first but if you don't have spare keyboard first start out with the other two...

Hope this leads you on the right path....
Does it happen only in Internet Explorer? Are only certain keys affected?

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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can test your keyboard by running from a live cd :      Knoppix                              ubcd  Win
WTLAuthor Commented:
to all --- my pc was connected to a port replicator which, this morning when I booted up, seems to have died (doesn't make sense to me either). I've disconnected the pc from the replicator and connected power directly to the pc.  Now I'm typing just fine (no dead keys).

so it's not the keyboard after all.  how a port replicator can die, since it's just a conduit for usb ports and power is absurd(?)  please advise of any suggestions.
regardless, I'll award the points equitably since (it appears) I've wasted your time on the wrong problem.
Jon500Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Thank you for the feedback.

BTW, the reason I had asked about IE-only is that there is an industry-known problem for some users in which keystrokes get "missed"--but only in IE. I have been following this issue with Microsoft for the past few months. Be glad you don't have that problem because at this point there are only a few solutions and they work only for some users.

Best regards,
WTLAuthor Commented:
The problem was/is my port replicator that my pc was connected to.  I had not given enough information to the experts for them to diagnose.  They're suggestions were (and always are) excellent and appreciated.
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