What is the Best product for Data Storage?

Everyday we are storing 500 MB of photos in the servers. Now there is no space in the Servers. we want store photos in separate device. somebody recomending NAS(ReadyNAS Pro) product.Can we buy this product? this is good?
what is best product in the market? and what is security for DATA?
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KaffiendConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A NAS is definitely "good enough" for archival/storage.  The ReadyNAS product is okay.  It will do the job.

You asked for "best", so I suggest you look into a SAN.  There are some that don't cost too much and there are some that do - the more expensive ones generally come with more features such as replication, snapshots, etc.  Look at HP 2312 Storage Array, or Dell MD3000 - these are low to mid-range SANs, and they are both expandable.  If you have the budget, get HP LeftHand SAN, or Dell Equallogic SAN.  Get a unit with dual controllers if you can.

As far as data security -if you mean protection from hardware failure, get a product that you can set up in at least a RAID5 configuration.  (RAID6, RAID50, and RAID10 would be even better) That should allow you to sleep better at night knowing that your data will survive at least one hard drive crash.  If you set it up with the other RAID choices I suggested, your data will survive at least 2 simultaneous hard drive failures in your drive array.

NAS is decent technology....Netgear is presently offering a 4 TB unit for under $2K (US Dollars) If you are storing 500MBs per day that is 2.5 Gigs worth of data every week assuming a 5 day work week or 3.5 GB for a 7 day work week. So for 500mb of new storage for 7 days a week you should consume approximatley 182GB or storage every year.  Depending upon how long you need to keep this data...4TB should last you for quite a few years.
I agree that a simple NAS box would probably be fine, but you could always just add a JBOD to the server that your users are already uploading their images to.  You don't have to buy new either.  In recent years, we have been buying refurb products from companies like Stallard Technologies with lots of success. (http://www.stikc.com/Catalog/PowerVault-220S)

You can get a refurbished Dell PowerVault 220s with 14 73GB 15K RPM disks for under $900- with a 1 year warranty.  This would yield two 438GB (usable) RAID5 volumes.  I believe the PV220s can handle 300GB drives, so you could get up to 3.6TB (usable) for under $4000.
mahmood66Author Commented:
mahmood66Author Commented:

which one we can select
1-ReadyNAS Pro
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