Switch install/setup on GNS3

How do I install/setup a switch (Cisco 2950) on GNS3 software?
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Vito_CorleoneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As JD said, Dynamips cannot emulate switches. To add a bit, you can use the 3640/3700 with an ESW module to get through the CCNA and all or most of the CCNP. You can practice STP, L2 and L3 switching, Etherchannel, WRR, etc. Past the CCNP, you really need physical switches.
Unfortunately GNS3 is not able to emulate a Cisco switch, as the ASIC hardware found inside a switch is what accomplishes many of it functions, unable to be replicated by this software.  Im sure there are some very rudimentary work-arounds using the NM-16ESW module and loading a switch IOS to it, however I would assume most functions would not work outside of basic L2 switching, if at all.  You would also need to acquire a copy of the IOS to even try this, which is outside the scope of this question.

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