Windows server 2003 IP ASSIGNMENT PROBLEM

I'm using windows 2003 enterprise server and i did a fresh installation of it.
There is 2 nic in my system.I'm trying to assign ip address to interface and when i complete ip assignment and close the window then it asks for restart the system to take effect new setting.When i check ip address to see if ip has been assigned it gives me data not available after restart or without restart. Problem is i'm not able to assign ip to network card either through GUI or netsh.
Please help
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CJIT Consultant Commented:
1. Hi it seems problem with the drivers. Since you installed have you downloaded all upgrades and down loads from Microsoft site. If not my suggestion is leave everything as it is and down load all avaiable updates untill it's fully updated and then try to change the settings.

2. It could also be a permission problem. Remember in windows 2003 and 2008 you do not get permission automatically even though you have logged on as an administrator.
You will need to go into user accounts of administrator and check to make sure you have full permission on the account if you are still workgroup and if you have made your server member of domain then you need access the administrtaor account from active directory users & computers

try both options and let me know if still no luck


ujjwal-singhAuthor Commented:
not the perfect answer
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