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SAP abap/buffersize

Goodday all,

I have a system which yesterday had several short dumps for pxa_no_free_space.

Looking at the size of the abap/buffersize it is currently set to 400MB. However if I look at the history of the buffering I can see it buffers a lot in a day. Since the system was started on the 13/12/2009 it has buffered just over 2,8million entries. The daily amount of swopping seems to vary between 13000 - 400000 swops.

As per note 103747 the following comment is made about buffer swaps.

"A few thousand swaps can be tolerated each day, but if you find more than 10000 swaps per day, you should enlarge the buffer. Note also that importing ABAP programs leads to the buffer being fragmented, which then leads to swaps.   Therefore, reduce the number of imports in your production system"

This makes me think the buffer size should be increased to 450mb or even 500mb in size. However my question is this. Looking at st02 you can see the following.

 Size              Allocated        KB     400.000
                   Available        KB     371.692
                   Used             KB     370.642
                   Free             KB       1.050
                   Gaps             KB       1.098
 Directory entries Available               100.000
                   Used                     11.296
                   Free                     88.704

As you can see the free directory entries are 88,7% what is the relevance of this to the buffering? And is this the  value of 88,7% the maximum value that was used or the current value?
Also looking at the bufferize there is 400mb allocated but only 371mb available which in turn is us utilized at 370mb. What would your recommendations on this be?

Kind Regards,

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2 Solutions

the st02 shows the current value of the buffers, so you do not know what was in the buffers when the dump occured. The swaps depend on the stuff you are doing. If you generate all programs (SGEN) this would lead to much more swaps than a normal work day. So what did you do on your system?

The fastest way would be to increase the abap/buffersize, if there is enough memory.
An other possibility would be, to search in sapnet http://service.sap.com/notes for pxa_no_free_space. There are some notes describing different problems with the pxa space.

Best regards
profjohan11Author Commented:

I actually just looked at the history as I had it, and even with many directory entries free, if you dont have space and it swaps it is a problem. So I have suggested the buffer be increased by 200MB from so the new total size should be 600mb.


profjohan11Author Commented:
I found the solution myself. But they guys did try and help

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