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Oracle 10G: diskgroup FLASH was mounted


I am a Oracle novice so bear with me. I have noticed that our query returns from our front end
web app has been returning queries very slowly.
We run a four rac cluster and had to recover it the other day. The cluster and oradb all
look good and montoring shows that it is all up and running.
I looked at the alert logs and it says:

Foregrounds taking over
SUCCESS: diskgroup FLASH was mounted
SUCCESS: diskgroup FLASH was dismounted
SUCCESS: diskgroup FLASH was mounted

What does this mean? Thanks
2 Solutions

are all your 4 RAC instances up & running, check the output of the below query to make sure all 4 instances are running.

select instance_number, instance_name, host_name, version, status, database_status from gv$instance;

The message you have mentioned could be a general message. If all instance are running fine then check the alert logs of all 4 instances and may be your SQL needs tuning.

Also, run AWR report to dig into more analysis for slowness of the query.
this was filed as abug like a year ago and then concluded as not a bug
as per metalink [ID 603204.1]

these messages are not errors The database instance is creating and then closing archive logs one at a time in the FLASHDG_NEW disk group. Whenever a database closes its last file in a disk group, it dismounts the disk group. Whenever a database accesses a disk group when it does not have any other files open in the disk group, it mounts the disk group.

Sainai, the work around for this issue to
to put a mirrored control-file, or mirrored online redo, or dummy online tablespace data file on the diskgroup. is unnecessary.

this has nothing to do with slowness;as raju1105has mentioned do more DIAG for this issue like AWR.
SainaiAuthor Commented:
thanks guys. The reason behind the logs were what I was looking for and T-REX you hit it on the spot.

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