DataList validation - only validate datalist on clicking "Update" or "Edit"


I have a page with a datalist on it. The page has several other controls too. Users add/update items from datalist and enter data in textboxes etc.  The textboxes have validators. Also the datalist has a usercontrol with validators.

I want the user to be able to edit / update the items on datalist WITHOUT the whole page being validated.
With CausesValidation=True set for the Linkbuttons on datagrid, the whole page is validated ...this isn't what I want, users should be able to edit/delete the datalist items independent of other items on page / without having to input all the other inputs.

I have currently set CausesValidation=False so that users can edit/update the datalist without this failing because of other controls not validating. This means that the datalist is not validated of course though, and I want the datalist to be validated.

Thanks in advance for help.
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You can define validation groups
MSDN article about validation groups:
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