Unable to access samba share by using netbios name

Our network exists out of many Windows Server 2003 servers. From just one of those servers I cannot view a samba share when I use the following commmand : net view \\samba_server, it will return the following general error : System error 87 has occured.
However, when I use the dns name in the same command, e.g. net view \\samba_server.local, it will give me the correct error which states : System error 5 has occured.

Does anybody have any idea why using the netbios name doesn't work ? Do remember, this only happens on 1 Windows 2003 server.

Please, any help is welcome, I'm out of ideas.
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Jason WatkinsConnect With a Mentor IT Project LeaderCommented:

You need to either enable your Samba server's WINS server component or configure one of your Windows servers as a WINS server and point the Samba machine that way.

WINS server or client can be configured in the the Samba server's smb.conf file.  Once a WINS server has been configured for the network, the network clients should be pointed toward it for NetBIOS resolution, have NetBIOS over TCP/IP enbaled and all be a member of the same WORKGROUP.
HansenITAuthor Commented:
Hello Firebar,

We already use a windows based WINS Server for all our windows based clients and servers. The one windows server that has the problem also uses a WINS Server.
Jason WatkinsIT Project LeaderCommented:

can you point the Samba server toward your WINS server?
Is your software firewall, (like Windows firewall), blocking netbios broadcasts?
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